Homosexuality: The Mental Illness That Went Away

by Phil Hickey on October 8, 2011

Post edited and updated January 2, 2013, to reflect clarifications as a result of interactions with the many people who have left comments.  I thank them for their input.


According to the American Psychiatric Association, until 1974 homosexuality was a mental illness.  Freud had alluded to homosexuality numerous times in his writings, and had concluded that paranoia and homosexuality were inseparable.  Other psychiatrists wrote copiously on the subject, and homosexuality was “treated” on a wide basis.  There was little or no suggestion within the psychiatric community that homosexuality might be conceptualized as anything other than a mental illness that needed to be treated.  And, of course, homosexuality was listed as a mental illness in DSM-II.  (The DSM – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – is the APA’s standard classification of their so-called mental disorders, and is used by many mental health workers in the USA and other countries.)

Then in 1970 gay activists protested against the APA convention in San Francisco.  These scenes were repeated in 1971, and as people came out of the “closet” and felt empowered politically and socially, the APA directorate became increasingly uncomfortable with their stance.  In 1973 the APA’s nomenclature task force recommended that homosexuality be declared normal.  The trustees were not prepared to go that far, but they did vote to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses by a vote of 13 to 0, with 2 abstentions.  This decision was confirmed by a vote of the APA membership, and homosexuality was no longer listed in the seventh edition of DSM-II, which was issued in 1974.

What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough.  There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated this major change.  Rather, it was the simple reality that gay people started to kick up a fuss.  They gained a voice and began to make themselves heard.  And the APA reacted with truly astonishing speed.  And with good reason. They realized intuitively that a protracted battle would have drawn increasing attention to the spurious nature of their entire taxonomy.  So they quickly “cut loose” the gay community and forestalled any radical scrutiny of the DSM system generally.

The APA claimed that they made the change because new research showed that most homosexual people were content with their sexual orientation, and that as a group, they appeared to be as well-adjusted as heterosexual people.  I suggest, however, that these research findings were simply the APA’s face-saver.  For centuries, perhaps millennia, homosexual people had clung to their sexual orientation despite the most severe persecution and vilification, including imprisonment and death.  Wouldn’t this suggest that they were happy with their orientation?  Do we need research to confirm this?  And if we do, shouldn’t we also need research to confirm that heterosexual people are happy with their orientation?  And if poor adjustment is critical to a diagnosis of mental illness, where was the evidence of this that justified making homosexuality a mental illness in the first place?

Also noteworthy is the fact that the vote of the membership was by no means unanimous.  Only about 55% of the members who voted favored the change.

Of course, the APA put the best spin they could on these events.  The fact is that they altered their taxonomy because of intense pressure from the gay community, but they claimed that the change was prompted by research findings.

So all the people who had this terrible “illness” were “cured” overnight – by a vote!  I remember as a boy reading of the United Nations World Health Organization’s decision to eradicate smallpox.  This was in 1967, and by 1977, after a truly staggering amount of work, the disease was a thing of the past.  Why didn’t they just take a vote?  Because smallpox is a real illness.  The human problems listed in DSM are not.  It’s that simple.  You can say that geese are swans – but in reality they’re still geese.

The overall point being that the APA’s taxonomy is nothing more than self-serving nonsense.  Real illnesses are not banished by voting or by fiat, but by valid science and hard work.  There are no mental illnesses.  Rather, there are people.  We have problems; we have orientations; we have habits; we have perspectives.  Sometimes we do well, other times we make a mess of things.  We are complicated.  Our feelings fluctuate with our circumstances, from the depths of despondency to the pinnacles of bliss.  And perhaps, most of all, we are individuals.  DSM’s facile and self-serving attempt to medicalize human problems is an institutionalized insult to human dignity.  The homosexual community has managed to liberate themselves from psychiatric oppression.  But there are millions of people worldwide who are still being damaged, stigmatized, and disempowered by this pernicious system to this day.

  • William Parsons

    The sex of the victim identifies the orientation of the perpetrator. Sorry, thought that was obvious.my repressed attraction to you was distracting me.

  • uiop

    This is certainly not an issue many people would like to discuss not because as the Kenya president puts it during Obama’s visit Kenya “its a non issue for Africans but because t many fear that they would be considered as not modern or not human right sensitive. That fact that Russian scientists claim to have the cured for the disease and that it was once classified as a mental disorder by the American psychiatric association leave us to wonder as to who is fooling who? Sympathising with sufferers and declaring them normal is only politically motivated. Finding a cure is the utimate. For Nigeria na only ritualist dem dey do am o

  • SpartanTheophilos

    Sorry. You need to study some basic human anatomy and physiology. The vagina is does NOT have direct access to the circulatory system. Also, the vagina is far, far tougher and more durable, less susceptible to tears and rips in its walls–unlike the rectum, which was not designed for the type of stress involved in coitus. Thanks for the attempt at “grading” my comment, but based on your answer it seems you’re not really qualified to render a “pass or fail” on this subject matter.

  • SpartanTheophilos

    Just transfer smoking and cancer into your statement:
    “If [smoking] were creating these disorders [cancer] then these disorders would be present in one hundred percent of [smoking] people”
    Class? Class?

  • cajaquarius

    You can play all the word games you like but homosexuality does not directly cause disorders and tobacco does. Those are the facts, kiddo. No amount of straw man raising is going to change them.

  • SpartanTheophilos

    Ok, chief. Just so we’re clear: You make an assertion without any substantiation, then when one shows your assertion is bogus, you double down with the bogus assertion. Got it. Bottom line is homosexuality is a deathstyle, and I’ve shown why and how. The sum total of your “refutation” is “No its not.” Nice chatting.

  • Maccalusso

    Born This Way? A House Built On A Lie!

    Many in the ‘gay’ community contend they were “born this way”, even though there is no science to back their claim. Ryan Sorba, researcher and author of the book “The ‘Born Gay’ Hoax”, traces the initial pseudo-science homosexuals cling to for acceptance. If it’s one thing queer activists are good at, it’s lying to protect a perverse and dangerous way of life.

    Homosexuality (aka Homophilia) is not genetic, nor an inherited trait, anymore than Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Zoophilia, Transvestism, Sadomasochism, Voyeurism, or Incestual Behavior is.

    If homosexuality was inherent, it could not be altered by mere choice. You cannot choose to be Caucasian, blonde, tall, or attractive. But homophiles can choose to alter their behavior and medical documentation shows many have done so.

    Human beings have a free will and, unlike mindless animals, can exercise moral and behavioral choice. Homosexuals are not slaves to their impulses and the fact that there are organizations of ‘Ex-gays’ such as Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays proves it.

    “There is no DNA or medical test to determine if someone is homosexual. Sexual orientation is a matter of self-affirmation and public declaration.” — From the site, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX)

    The fact that there are “ex-gays” in society that have wisely chosen to flee their repulsive lifestyle, is undeniable proof that homosexuality is a preference and not an inborn trait. A person’s sexual desires are shaped by their social, cultural and historical context, not by a genetic disposition.

    “There is no genetic component, but rather an environmental component shared in families”. — Science, Vol. 262, page 2063, December 24, 1993

    “The increasing claims of being ‘born that way’ parallels the rising political activism of homosexual organizations, who politicize the issue of homosexual origins. In the 1970s, approximately 10% of homosexuals claimed to be ‘born homosexual’ according to a large scale survey. However, in a survey in the 1980s, with the homosexual rights movement increasingly becoming active, 35% claimed to be born that way.” — Dr. Tahir I. Jaz, M.D., Winnipeg, Canada

    “There is no evidence that at present to substantiate a biological theory. (the origin of homosexuality). The appeal of current biological explanations for sexual orientation may derive more from dissatisfaction with the present status of psychosocial explanations than from a substantiating body of experimental data”. — Columbia University psychiatry professors Drs. William Byrne and Bruce Parsons (1994)

    “If homosexuality were significantly influenced by genes, it would appear in every culture, but in 29 of 75 cultures surveyed, homosexuality was rare or absent. It was very rare in the Siriono, even though there were no prohibitions on homosexual relationships in that culture.” — Research scientist and biochemist Dr. Neil Whitehead, co-author of the book entitled “My Genes Made Me Do It” – a scientific look at sexual orientation which argues that there is no genetic determinism in regards to homosexuality (homosexuals are “not born that way”) and that there is abundant documentation that individuals are able to leave homosexuality and become heterosexuals. http://www.mygenes.co.nz/PDFs/Ch12.pdf

    “We discovered that people who were raised in large cities were more likely to be homosexual than people who were raised in suburb, towns, or the countryside. This relationship also showed up in the General Social Survey, an independent national sample.” — From the 1994 book, “Sex in America: A Definitive Survey” by Robert T. Michael, John H. Gagnon, Edward O. Laumann, and Gina Kolata

    “There is a much higher incidence of homosexuality among those who have been raised in large cities, rather than in rural areas [per capita] – arguing that the environment is much more powerful than genes in the development of homosexuality.” — Research scientist and biochemist Dr. Neil Whitehead

    Excerpts from “Homosexuality and the Truth” by Sy Rogers & Alan Medinger:

    “Whatever may be the possible unlearned assistance from constitutional sources, the child’s psychosexual identity is not written, unlearned, in the genetic code, the hormonal system or the nervous system at birth.” — John W. Money. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professor

    “Homosexuality, the choice of a partner of the same sex for orgastic satisfaction, is not innate. There is no connection between sexual instinct and the choice of sexual object. Such an object choice is learned, acquired behaviour; there is no inevitable genetically inborn propensity toward the choice of a partner of either the same or opposite sex.” — Dr. Charles W. Socarides, Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

    “The genetic theory of the homosexual has been generally discarded today. Despite the interest in possible hormone mechanisms in the origin of homosexuality, no serious scientist today suggests that a simple cause-effect relationship applies.” — Masters and Johnson

    “The homosexual’s real enemy is his ignorance of the possibility that he can be helped.” — Dr. Edmund Bergler, “Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life?”

    “The success rate in 81 gays desiring reorientation (after a six year follow-up), is 71.6% (p.402) — Masters and Johnson – “Homosexuality in Perspective”

    “I have recently had occasion to review the result of psychotherapy with homosexuals, and been surprised by the findings. It is paradoxical that even though politically active homosexual groups deny the possibility of change, all studies from Schrenck-Notzing on have found positive effects, virtually regardless of the kind of treatment used…” — Dr. Reuben Fine, Director for the New York Centre for Psychoanalytic Training. (“Psychoanalytic Theory, Male and Female Homosexuality: Psychological Approaches“ pp 84-86)

    “For those homosexuals who are unhappy with their life and find effective therapy, it is ‘curable’.” — “Overcoming Homosexuality” by Dr. Robert Kronemeyer

    “I’ve heard of hundreds of other men who have went from a homosexual to a heterosexual adjustment on their own.” — Dr. Lawrence J. Hatterer (“Changing Homosexuality in the Male” p.138)

    “The major challenge in treating homosexuality from the point of view of the patient’s resistance has, of course, been the misconception that the disorder is innate or inborn.” — Dr. Charles Socarides (from “Homosexuality” in the American Handbook of Psychiatry)

    “Homosexuality, crime, and drug and alcohol abuse appear to be barometers of social stress… Criminals help produce other criminals, drug abusers other drug abusers, and homosexuals other homosexuals.” -— Quoted in Kenneth Lewes, The Psychoanalytic Theory of Male Homosexuality (Simon and Schuster, 1988), p. 188.

    Black vs ‘Gay’

    Skin color is a neutral, immutable characteristic. Being black is what someone is. On the other hand, being “gay” is what someone does. It involves feelings and changeable behaviors.

    Homosexual conduct is more likened to alcoholism, gambling or smoking behaviors than it is to skin color. To compare “black” to “gay” is even more dissimilar than comparing apples to oranges. Understandably, many African Americans find this disingenuous comparison tremendously offensive.

    Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean’s pastor, Miles McPherson, recently debunked the fallacious racial assertion often employed by homosexual activists to excuse their behavior: “I know a lot of people who used to be gay; I don’t know anybody who used to be black.” Indeed.

    The religious leader and civil rights leader Martin Luther King never championed the homosexual agenda. In fact, King saw homosexuality as probably a culturally induced “problem” and he believed that homosexuals could become ex-homosexuals.

    King wrote in a 1958 column: “The type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has been culturally acquired. You are already on the right road toward a solution, since you honestly recognize the problem and have a desire to solve it.”

    ‘Ex-Gays’ Speak Out

    “Homosexual sexuality is perverse and unhealthy, both physically and emotionally. We put on such a respectable image, but inside we were miserable and ashamed. Like many young gays I tried to commit suicide because I didn’t think there was a way out.” – Richard Jonah Weller, Handbill, The Voice They Want Silenced: A former homosexual man speaks out about homosexuality and the politics of dishonesty, 1992.

    “Not everyone is happy and proud of their choice to live the gay life!…[I am one of] thousands of people who, after experiencing the homosexual life, are disillusioned, used up, left broken and injured, or just plain lonely and hungering for love for true meaningful family relationships.” – D.L. Sonny Weaver, Finding Freedom From the Not-So-Gay Life-Choice, p. 1, 1992.

    Homosexual Journalist Admits ‘Gay Lifestyle is a Sewer of Degrading Sex, Misery’ – Simon Fanshawe, UK writer/broadcaster “The Trouble With Gay Men”

    “It does no good to pretend that it [homosexuality] is good and natural and holy. That’s called denial. Statistics overflow with evidence that homosexual sex causes damage to body, soul and spirit. It actually damages the body of the partner. It [anal sex] tears at the body in ways that result in homosexual sex being the number one risk factor for contracting AIDS in this country. In fact, an entire cottage industry of scientific study and medical care has arisen from the proliferation of gay sex in our modern culture. Homosexual behavior also tears at the soul, causing much higher rates for substance abuse, suicide, depression, domestic violence, early death, even in the most gay-friendly regions of the globe.” — David Kyle Foster (Former Homosexual Reveals ‘Unmitigated Disaster of Gay Marriage’)

    “There is no such thing as a gay gene and gay activists know this. They know their house has been built on a lie.” — Ex-Lesbian Charlene Cothran

  • Maccalusso

    “Homophobia”: An Erroneous Term

    Political correctness and a fear of being labelled “homophobic” prevents many from speaking their minds and voicing their opinions. The suppression of thought and free speech are part of the homosexual agenda and many have fallen victim. Of course, those with a vested interest in promoting decadence will be the loudest in making their voices heard. It was the homosexual activists who pushed for the removal of their mental disorder from the DSM, even though there was no evidence to justify the change.

    Prominent ‘Gays’ Speak the Truth

    “Folks, with 70% of US people living with HIV being gay or bi-sexual, we cannot deny HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.” — Matt Foreman, Executive Director National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

    “Domestic violence is the 3rd largest health problem facing the gay and lesbian community today and trails only behind AIDS and substance abuse in terms of sheer numbers and lethality.” — Susan Holt, coordinator of the domestic violence unit of the Los Angeles Gay Lesbian Center

    “Homosexual sexuality is perverse and unhealthy, both physically and emotionally. We put on such a respectable image, but inside we were miserable and ashamed. Like many young gays I tried to commit suicide because I didn’t think there was a way out.” — Richard Jonah Weller, Handbill, The Voice They Want Silenced: A former homosexual man speaks out about homosexuality and the politics of dishonesty, 1992.

    “Not everyone is happy and proud of their choice to live the gay life!…[I am one of] thousands of people who, after experiencing the homosexual life, are disillusioned, used up, left broken and injured, or just plain lonely and hungering for love for true meaningful family relationships.” — D.L. Sonny Weaver, Finding Freedom From the Not-So-Gay Life-Choice, p. 1, 1992.

    “HIV is a Gay Disease. Own it. End it.” — Lorri Jean, CEO of the Los Angeles-based Gay and Lesbian Center

    Homosexual Group Admits Health Risks of Homosexuality — Dakota Voice (Source: Gay Publication Daily Extra)

    “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re doing.” — Masha Gessen, prominent LGBTQ activist

    “That’s what we gays want: get married just so we can invalidate Christian values the nation was built on.” — Edna & Matilda Hamilton, newlywed lesbians from Queens, New York

    Certainly none of these people could be called “homophobic” or “hateful”, and nor should anyone else who speaks the truth.

    “Homosexual behavior is unnatural. It is a perversion of the obvious intended use of the sexual and excretory organs. Homosexual couples are not the moral or sociological equivalent of natural families. They rarely practice sexual fidelity. They rarely remain together for a lifetime, as well over 50% of heterosexual married couples do. They rarely produce children, for whose protection society has adopted extensive family laws. Their conduct, unlike marriage and sex within marriage, performs no beneficial social function which would entitle them to legal protections; on the contrary, homosexual practices impose detrimental financial and administrative costs on employers, insurers, taxpayers and medical providers….Practices so obviously tied to personal and public health problems such as AIDS and numerous other sexually transmitted diseases should reasonably be regulated, restricted, or prohibited altogether, not considered for special civil rights protections.” — David Llewellyn, Logical Opposition To Homosexual Rights, Life & Liberty, 1994.

    Time Capsule: Mike Wallace Tells Truth About Homosexuality In 1967 Documentary http://bit.ly/1dmZsPa

  • Maccalusso

    Homosexual-Pedophile Connection

    The Canadian government website, “Victims of Violence” defines pedophilia as a long-term mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices that include sadomasochism, transvestism, bestiality, incest and exhibitionism.

    The site also makes the important distinction between the categories of pedophiles:

    1. Homosexual pedophiles.
    2. Bi-sexual pedophiles.
    3. Heterosexual pedophiles.

    The highest proportion of pedophiles come under the category of the “homosexual pedophile.” This classification is rarely noted in the media, largely due to the fact that homosexuality is being highly promoted in North America, and any implication of it being comprised of deviant child molesters would surely damage its image and proliferation.

    “Homosexual pedophiles are responsible for 33% of all child sex offenses. Homosexuals molest children at at least 10 times the rate of heterosexuals.” – Journal of Sex Research

    The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is an activist homosexual and pedophilia coalition group. Their primary aim is stated to be the overturn of statutory rape laws and reduction of “age of consent” laws that require a child be of a certain age (which varies by state) before they can agree to sexual intercourse.

    The International Gay & Lesbian Archives, the world’s largest research collection on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered activism, has recognized several NAMBLA members for their contributions to the gay rights movement. Some of the well known atheist advocates of the North American Man-Boy Love Association are:

    1. The atheist and homosexual David Thorstad was a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

    2. Harry Hay (1912 – 2002) was a liberal atheist advocate of statutory rape and the widely acknowledged founder and progenitor of the activist homosexual agenda in the United States. Hay joined the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) in 1934. He was a vociferous advocate of man/boy love. In 1986, Hay marched in a gay pride parade wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words “NAMBLA walks with me.”

    3. The writer Samuel R. Delaney is an atheist and a homosexual. Delaney said he was a supporter of the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

    4. Dr. Sam Harris is a founder of the New Atheism movement. Sam Harris is quite aware of the stigma surrounding atheism and has even advocated that atheists no longer call themselves atheists. In fact, Dr. Harris has said concerning the label of atheist, “It’s right next to child molester as a designation.”

    Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, was a homosexual and a pedophile. Tom Jeal’s The Boy-Man, a 1990 biography, details Baden-Powell’s attraction to, and likely affairs with, teenage boys, as well as his fondness for nude boy photos and requirements that Scouts in his care should bathe outside naked. Today Baden-Powell would have made the top ten on a Sex Offenders Registry list.


    Pedophilia Is The Next Perversion To Become Socially Acceptable

    Under the guise of “equality” and “sexual liberation”, the public was indoctrinated to accept Homophilia (commonly known as homosexuality) as normal behaviour. Guerrilla tactics by queer extremists at APA meetings were instrumental in having homosexuality removed from the list of mental disorders. http://bit.ly/1ji2Fep

    Pedophilia is the next deviant practice society will have to tolerate or be smeared as a bigot and hater. Time to take a stand or we’ll all soon be living in Sodom & Gomorrah.

    Normalizing Pedophilia

    Conference aims to normalize pedophilia

    Yes, There Is a Movement to ‘Normalize Pedophilia’

    The Devil’s Work

    Pedophile Groups:
    For all of those that agree with the laws against pedophilia, there are also thousands who believe that the laws surrounding child and adult sexual relationships should be done away with. Groups advocating these relationships can be found across North America. The most prominent group is North-American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) who states that their goal is to “end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships by: building understanding and support for such relationships, educating the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love, cooperating with lesbian, gay, feminist, and other liberation movements, supporting the liberation of persons of all ages from sexual prejudice and oppression.”

    NAMBLA is just one of many groups who advocate that sex with children is healthy, educational, and normal. One group even went as far as to say that having sex with young children will prevent them from becoming prostitutes. Advocates from these pedophile groups do not believe that children come to any harm from these practices and compare these accusations to past beliefs that masturbation would make a man insane or that women without children would go crazy. Pedophile groups are known to distribute child pornography, “educational” pamphlets, and NAMBLA has even represented men accused of child sexual assault in court all in an effort to fight against age-based discrimination.

  • Maccalusso

    “Sweetie” likely has a dog in this fight. People like this will try to deflect with words like ‘homophobe’, ‘bigot’ and ‘hater’ in order to smear their opponents and protect the sodomites. They think they’re winning this war but the only thing they’ve succeeded in doing is spreading disease and death.

    Homosexuality Spreads Disease Throughout Society

    Homosexuality spreads disease to innocent people who never engage in homosexual sex. A prominent example is Ryan White, the teenage boy who died of AIDS after a blood transfusion. According to the CDC, there are over 10,000 known cases of innocent people in the US who have contracted AIDS the same way. Moreover, there are thousands of innocent heterosexuals (many are spouses) who have contracted STDs via sexual contact with bisexuals.

    Homosexuality costs North Americans millions in higher health insurance premiums because increased health costs from homosexual behavior are reflected in those premiums. In fact, the homosexual lobby has induced some states to prevent insurers from asking potential consumers any medical questions, including if they are HIV positive! As a result, every consumer is paying a higher premium because insurance companies are prevented from identifying clients who engage in licentious and high-risk sexual behavior.

    It’s also worth noting that homosexual behavior is so dangerous and risky that the FDA — hardly a member of the vast, right-wing conspiracy — will not allow a male to donate blood if he has had sex even one time with another male in the last 33 years.

    And the CDC — again, not a right-wing think tank — has found that of all the males who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the history of the epidemic, 91% of them got it either through having sex with other males or through injection drug abuse. Clearly, homosexual behavior is as dangerous to human health as shooting up with illicit drugs. No sane society should ever endorse and grant special rights and protections based on either kind of behavior.

    Medical Truth Regarding Anal Sex

    Anal sex is considered a high-risk sexual practice, and unprotected anal sex is the riskiest of all forms of sexual intercourse.[1] The hazards are due to the vulnerability of the tissues, as the penetration of the anus may cause tearing and bleeding of the soft tissues,[2] and can damage the sphincter muscles, causing incontinence and anal prolapse. It is also due to the high concentration of disease-causing organisms in the anus and the introduction of pathogens during the sex act itself, exposing the participants to a spectrum of contagious diseases. Some authorities judge that all anal sex is unsafe, due to the high rates of condom failure, including those brands that claim to be specially strengthened.[3][4]

    Among the diseases with which anal sex is associated are HIV,[5] human papilloma virus (HPV) (which can increase risk for anal cancer)[6] typhoid fever[7] amoebiasis; chlamydia; cryptosporidiosis; E. coli infections; giardiasis; gonorrhea; hepatitis A; hepatitis B; hepatitis C; herpes simplex; human papillomavirus; Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (HHV-8);[8] lymphogranuloma venereum; Mycoplasma hominis; Mycoplasma genitalium; pubic lice; salmonellosis; shigella; syphilis; tuberculosis; and Ureaplasma urealyticum.[9][10][11][12]

    The high concentration of white blood cells around the rectum, together with the risk of cuts to the rectum and that one of the functions of the rectum is to absorb fluid, increases the risk of HIV transmission because the HIV retrovirus reproduces within the immune system’s T-cells/CD4 cells. Use of condoms and other precautions are a medically recommended way to lessen risk of infections. Unprotected receptive anal sex is the most risky sexual behavior in terms of HIV transmission.[13][14][15]

    [1] Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness By Wener W. K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger; p492
    [2] Home care nursing practice: concepts and application By Robyn Rice; p332
    [3] The sociology of HIV transmission By Michael Bloor; p86
    [4] Center for Disease Control; “Can I get HIV from anal sex?”
    [5] What are the Dangers of Anal Sex?, SexInfo, University of California at Santa Barbara
    [6] Anal Cancer in Gay & Bisexual Men, LGBTHealthChannel
    [7] Sexual Transmission of Typhoid Fever: A Multistate Outbreak among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Reller, Megan E. et al., Clinical Infectious Diseases, volume 37 (2003), pages 141-144
    [8] John Pauk, M.D., M.P.H., Meei-Li Huang, Ph.D., et al., “Mucosal Shedding of Human Herpesvirus 8 in Men” New England Journal of Medicine 343 19: 1369 -1377
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    [14] Am I at Risk for HIV Infection? – Mark Cichocki, About:HIV/AIDS
    [15] The Truth About Barebacking. – Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, PlanetOut

  • cajaquarius

    The type of logical fallacy you are attempting to use to prove homosexuality is a “deathstyle” has a name: post hoc ergo propter hoc. You have made a correlation without causation. It is why your side lost the debate, in the end. You peddle lies and expect them to survive scrutiny.

    I doubled down on nothing. The burden of proof was never on me. You lied, I called it. Simple as that. You would be hard pressed to find a homosexual couple abiding a monogamous relationship or a homosexual individual remaining chaste who fits your parameters to prove homosexuality is dangerous in and of itself.

    You never met your burden of proof.

    To bad, so sad. The culture belongs to us now.

    If I may make a suggestion? Stick to the sports stories and comments sections. You aren’t cut out for the intellectual rigors of debate.

  • Rob Bishop

    A man engaging in sexual activities with a blow-up doll has a mental illness?! Folks who kill non-threatening people are mentally ill? When you claim, “homosexuals have long planned the destruction of moral society”…well, that’s just damn funny! You must be pulling our legs :-)

  • SpartanTheophilos

    “a homosexual couple abiding a monogamous relationship or a homosexual individual remaining chaste”

    And those would account for about a tenth of one percent of male homosexuals. Homosexual males are perhaps the most promiscuous beings on earth, so your example of “monogamous” or “chaste” homosexuals is so rare it doesn’t jibe with reality. No, a chaste homosexual would NOT be at risk, but how much does he represent the existential homosexual lifestyle? I never said same-sex attraction is a deathstyle; I said the homosexual lifestyle is a deathstyle. There are documented testimonies of scores of homosexual men who have sex with 10 or 20 strangers a night. Now you tell me, which of the two paradigms is more representative–the chaste homosexual or the promiscuous one?

    Go look at how asinine your 100% correlation argument is before you lecture anyone on the “rigors of debate.”

  • William Parsons

    I suggest you read “After the Ball” …and then see if it seems funny. The homosexual agenda is concerned with normalizing ALL forms of sexual expression and removing the family as the basic unit of society. These goals are in line with the goals of self-identified satanists (Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, L Ron Hubbard)

  • William Parsons

    It’s hard to argue with facts, isn’t it? The easiest response is to appeal to emotion… Hence, we must be hate-filled bigots.

  • Sweetie

    I checked out your “Victims of Violence” citation and found no evidence at all for your claim that they classify most pedophiles as homosexual pedophiles.


    I did, though, notice that they said 97-99% of pedophiles are male. So, that goes back to my earlier point that claiming that homosexuality is a disorder because of pedophilia fails utterly since gay women are homosexuals, too.

    I also have to wonder how accurate that site’s information is because I doubt that pedophile rate among women in THAT low. The American Psychological Association is the current gold standard for evidence about these topics, so I suggest going to their website and seeing what they have to say.

    Blathering about NAMBLA is irrelevant here.

  • Sweetie

    There are two terms: homophobia and heterosexism. They are not the same. That people misapply the terms is not evidence that they don’t exist for good reason.

    The most recent evidence regarding homophobia in males is that it is primarily rooted in repressed bisexuality. Research has found that groups of males who are aroused by female stimuli (naked females, females in sexual acts) that are divided into “homophobic” and “non-homophobic” group show a stark difference not just in terms of their attitude toward homosexuality but also their response to viewing gay sex and naked males.

    The homophobic men were aroused and denied it. This result has been replicated by separate studies at separate universities. The non-homophobic men were not aroused. Both groups were aroused by naked females.

    There is significant historical evidence that the men who most vehemently decry homosexuality tend to be those who are found to have homosexual sexual relationships. Many of these men are married to women. It is not just a matter of common sense — that people with something to hide will lash out — but it also fits with the false choice narrative. These men, given their bisexuality, apply their greater sense of choice over who they sleep with to the rest of the population — as if everyone is a bisexual like them.

    As for heterosexism, that can be purely crass Machiavellian calculation. It does not need to have any emotional investment, although generally demagoguery is sourced in emotion.

    Frequently, gay people are targeted by heterosexism. Then, those very same people who scapegoat gays will throw up their hands in mock horror when someone says they’re homophobic. “But, I’m not homophobic!” they will exclaim. Perhaps not. They can just be using gays for political advantage, regardless of the existence of any prior animus.

    I looked at your statements and none of them are particularly important beyond a narrow context. The US HIV quote, for instance, only applies to trying to reduce the infection rate in the US. In terms of the entire world, HIV is, by far, a HETEROSEXUAL disease. It is infecting far more heterosexuals than homosexuals, so continuing to promulgate the old slander against gays does nothing more than serve to lubricate that continuing problem for heterosexuals (as well as homosexuals by furthering more social animus which also leads to more infections due to risky behavior from being marginalized).

    You guys like to raise red flags and then totally misapply them. The pedophilia flag is a great example. Gay women are homosexuals. Why isn’t your pedophilia thing so important that it can prove that gayness is a mental illness. After all… um… homosexual women are highly unlikely to be pedophiles. Oops!

    Another great example is this HIV nonsense. Where were you when I was explaining to the previous poster about the little fact that homosexual women have the LOWEST HIV rate and the lowest STD rate in general?

    Where were you for that?

    The bottom line is your disgust over gay men having sex. Since recent research correlates homophobia with repressed bisexuality… you may want to look into that.

  • Whathadbewitchedyou

    Thank you for presenting the facts. Facts that are politically incorrect to air to the populace. It has boggled my mind how so many people are totally unaware. Especially the younger generation who is indoctrinated with untruths and bold face lies. The money spent by our government on AIDS research is astronomical. While mega dollars are spent on campaigns to inform the public that smoking, trans fats, drugs,etc. are harmful I have not once heard of a campaign to inform the public to stop sodomizing. Anal sex is dangerous, harmful and can be very deadly. And don’t give me the argument that heterosexuals enjoy it too. If you think that because I say this I’m a hater, then you don’t truely understand love. Sometimes truth can be painful. Common sense, like Elvis, has left the building.

  • Speaksvolumes

    I’d argue the ability to recognize and admire beauty in nature and art is a masculine quality.

  • James Godin

    There is no genetic connection to homosexual behavior. This article is correct the LGBT movement & removal of homosexuality from the DSM is based on a political agenda.Transexuals were not born that way, as was anyone who says they are gay. The gay gene experiment based on the works of Dr Dean Hamer, were fraudulent, as was the gay brain research from sodomite Simon Levay. And of course exhaustive research based on eight identical studies on twins with one gay sibling was conclusive to the fact no such gay gene exists. These young boys who have feeling for other young boys are getting mixed signals from a twisted society.

  • James Godin

    Thats ridiculous & only showcases your lack of knowledge of the bible & religion in & of itself. What does the vatican have in Tucson Arizona? A damn telescope with vatican scientists. The bible stated the earth was a circle, while men stated it was flat only to be ridiculed later by the obvious truth.

    The science behind the nephilm, & giant skeletons found in recent times & covered up by the Smithsonian, is also based on science which has proven are the giants are those spoken about in the bible.

    Science can both falsify and verify claims of religion.

    Science has proven our DNA has a 4 digit sub code which provides complex instructions to the cell which are not random. The works of Frances Collins has proven that & was a pure scientist & became a creationist based on his own research. Sorry there is a connection & a hard one at that.

  • James Godin

    Thats is not true, 61% of all cases of AIDS comes from 2% of the population. Homosexuals are more prone to disease & have caused health care costs to rise. Do you not read & stay informed? Homosexuals may also be at greater psychological, & spiritual risk & have lower immune systems. Gay men die 20-25 years younger than straight men & yet you want to say it has not inherent social harm.
    Thats not true at all.

  • Abdulrahman Almrkhan

    I’m not an atheist nor a Christian but you have to bring other kinds of proof not everybody believes in Christianity

  • Abdulrahman Almrkhan

    You can’t blame Muhammad for pedophilia for a culture that’s older then 1400 hundred years ago and Aisha was Mature it has been scientifically proven that hotter enviornments speed up puberty and it was ok 100 years that you can marry a and have sex with a 10 year old in the U.S. So it’s all based on culture and Aisha was mature back then

  • Abdulrahman Almrkhan

    No the mere attraction of the same sex is not a mental illness it’s homosexuality which not only engage on sex with men but have no sexual attraction whatsoever to women THAT is a mental ilness

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  • Jacqui

    Interesting article, up until the part here you compare a physiological illness with a mental illness and then conclude that there’s no such thing as a mental illness. So, schizophrenia does not exist? Multiple personality disorder does not exist? Bipolar Disorder does not exist? Try explaining that to the millions of people that suffer from these mental illnesses on a daily basis. Is it now a figment of their imagination purely because they reject their mental illness and the misery it brings them? Please….

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for coming in. The point is that the various problems listed in the DSM, except for those identified as due to a general medical condition, are not illnesses, i.e., there is no biological pathology that has ever been linked definitively to these problems.

    Again, thanks for coming in, and best wishes.

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  • farkward B

    If the men are banging little boys, they are gay….

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